Family book Buree/Buré

As you may read on the webpage Genealogy, family research is my most important hobby. For more than 45 years I have been married to Trudi Schut, and that is why I have been very interested in her ancestors. Her grandmother was Geertruy Buré married with Bernardus Schut. She is a descendant of Dirck Pieterse and Lysbeth Freriks, married in 1656 in Amsterdam.

After the book about my mother’s family (family book Pouw) in 2008 and the publishing in 2017 of the family book Schut, I intend to make a thin family book Buree that contents all descendants of Dirck Pieterse. Thin, because during the census of 1947 there were only 27 persons in Holland with the family-name Buree or Buré. I found most descendants up to 1947, except the branches in Canada. So I have not yet completed the book. For the last seventy years your help is very important. Your data, photo’s and family stories can’t be missed.

The further information on the family book provides you with answers to the questions you may have.

Do you have other questions, problems or comments?  Please, mail me!

You can fill in your data in a form and send it to me. Your form is sent to my inbox, and I will add the data to the book. In case anything is unclear or additional information is required I would like to have your email address to contact you. Please, do not forget to fill it in?
It will take some time before the family book can be printed. If you want to be kept informed of the progress of this project, please read this on my website. I will regularly update this webpage.